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Research Work
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Research Activities  
(l) Ongoing Projects  
  1. Estimation of T regulators, Trace elements and Vitamin B12 levels in peripheral blood of preeclamptic and normal pregnancies and compared with their umbilical cord blood. ICMR, New Delhi.
(ll) Work Being Done on  
  1. Cord Blood Stem cell Banking. Council of Science and Technology, UP, Lucknow
  2. Quantitative and qualitative platelet studies in stored random donor platelet. Council of Science and Technology, UP, Lucknow.
  3. Estimation of P–Selectin (CD 62P) and sHLA in random donor platelet in additive solution to increase its duration of storage. ICMR, New Delhi.
(lll) Research Publications  
  • Tulika Chandra, S.Nishat Fatima Rizvi, Devisha Agarwal. "Decreasing prevalence of transfusion transmitted infection in Indian Scenario". The Scientific World Journal 2014 (Research Article Id: 173939): 4.
  • Tulika Chandra, Ashish Gupta. Ashutosh Kumar, Sheeba Afreen. "Extended the shelf life of random donor platelet stored for seven days in platelet additive solution at different temperature. Biomedical Journal 2014; 37(4):211-7.
  • Sheeba Afreen,Tulika Chandra,Ashutosh Kumar,Uma Singh. "Evaluation of the effect of maternal and fetal factors on CD34+ cells concentration in umbilical cord blood cells.Asian Journal of Transfusion Science. (Accepted 2014).
  • Tulika Chandra, Devisha Agarwal, Ashish Gupta,S.Nishat Fatima Rizvi. "Prevalence of HIV, HCV, HBV infection in blood donors Detected by Nucleic Acid Testing: An Indian Experience.Transfusion Medicine. (Manuscript Communicated 2014).
  • Tulika Chandra, R.N.Srivastava , Saroj Chooramani Gopal. "Processing of bone marrow mononuclear stem cells in acute spinal cord injury".Asian Journal of Transfusion Science. (Manuscript Communicated 2014).
  • Dr. Tulika Chandra,S. Nishat Fatima Rizvi , Devisha Agarwal . "Nucleic Acid Testing in blood donors of Northern India: A single centre experience".Journal of Biomedical Science. (Manuscript Communicated 2014).
  • S. D. Dave, A. V. Vanikar, H. L. Trivedi, U. G. Thakkar, S. C. Gopal & T. Chandra "Novel therapy for insulindependent. Diabetes mellitus: infusion of in vitrogenerated insulin-secreting cells" Clinical and Experimental Medicine. DOI 10.1007/s102382-2013-0266-1.
  • Shruti D Dave, 1 Hargovind L Trivedi, 2 Saroj C Gopal,3 Tulika Chandra4." Combined therapy of insulin-producing cells and haematopoietic stem cells offers better diabetic control than only haematopoietic stem cells infusion for patients with insulin-dependent diabetes" BMJ Case Rep 2014. doi:10.1136/bcr-2013-201238
  • SK Singh, T Goyal, V Devenraj, Tulika Chandra, BB Kushawaha, S Gupta, V Tewarson, S Kumar, Shailendra Kumar. " Morbidity and Mortality after autotransfusion following open heart surgery" Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 2014
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